Pregnant Jessica Simpson Poolside In Beverly Hills

  • Pregnant Jessica Simpson Poolside In Beverly Hills
Jessica Simpson is ready to pop poolside in Beverly Hills on March 11, 2012.
Source: Splash News
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  • zazzz

    wtf, i was 9 pound when i was born, are you saying that's uncommon? cos if so you must work at a frigged up hospital becos i know more than 10 people who were 9 pounds when born. lololol

  • Jen

    I work in a womens hospital in the US, and it's not even close to "common" for a woman to have a 10 pounder. That's why when someone does have a large baby, it's in the newspaper. Women today are much smarter with their caloric intake and track what they eat so they don't overdo it. She looks like she's eating everything she sees. She's going to have a tough time getting the weight off. Unless she's having triplets!

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    dumb asses the pics were taken March 3rd not the 11th and Jessica has about a month until her daughter is due. considering she's revealed her ob/gyn predicted her and erics daughter will be 10lbs at birth which isn't uncommon leave her alone all that matters is her and her baby girl are healthy and that's the case so stop making fun of the weight gain at least she's not emaciated while pregnant like Rachel Zoe was