Kim Kardashian Lunches in Beverly Hills

  • Kim Kardashian Lunches in Beverly Hills
Kim Kardashian heads to lunch witha friend at Pistachio restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Mar. 23, 2013. The pregnant reality TV star dressed up her baby bump in a loose-fitting tan dress.
Kim Kardashian Lunches in Beverly Hills
Source: INFDaily
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  • Fraser Mackenzie
    Fraser Mackenzie

    to all the haters, shut the fuq up, shes pregnate and your jealous becuase she makes more money than you and looks better than your wife, so keep your stupid sh1t to yourself, its actually sad you use celebrities to relate to eachother, watch Adrien Greniers "Paparazzi" ad you will all see how really pathetic the hole citizen craze of celebrities are. If you were on TV it was because you were arrested on cops you fuqen b1tches. Im so sick of people talken so much sh1t about celebs, leave them the fuq alone, shes no different than your fucking neighbour now get off her d1ck an do something with your lives

  • Christie

    Looks like a shower curtain from Walmart. If she hired Jennifer Lopez stylists, they are having a laugh all the way to the bank. Jennifer Lopez more than likely paid them off to dress her worse and worse everyday. She is a D-list has been and will never be a sex symbol again. Cankles already..Kanye will be gone before this chimplet is popped out. Her pineapple snatch is sewed up to hold it in that's what the scare was...gonna be one ugly looking kid.