Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian Bikinis in Mexico With Scott Disick and Mason Disick

  • Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian Bikinis in Mexico With Scott Disick and Mason Disick
Kourtney Kardashian shows off her pregnancy curves during her Mexican vacation with her son Mason and boyfriend Scott Disick in January, 2012.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • helen

    If the show is true and Kourtney keeps her "husband" in another bedrom, he should get smart and leave her. I can't believe how Kris treats her husband as if he was useless. She insults him constantly, compre the two of them and Kris is disgusting. She ignors their two daughters and they're raised by themselves. Get rid of the women and the show would be better.

  • Dan Edet
    Dan Edet

    Please dress well to look good

  • Dan Edet
    Dan Edet

    God has made children the joy of every home[like Abraham and Sarah]

  • Chelsie

    news flash, if you cant stand them....dont click on the article....the more u click the more popular they are....dont know why nobody likes them, they work hard for their money.

  • Chelsie

    awww...matching swim trunks...cute :)

  • Dina Mukhles
    Dina Mukhles

    Can't stand the Kardashians. Get the kid a haircut. He looks like a girl.

  • sheila

    hi koutney nice photo of you and the family wish you would marry scott he loves you so much and now having another baby thats why i think you should marry him

  • Danny

    Kind of like one of those porn sites featuring pregant women.

  • Shanakay Hemmings
    Shanakay Hemmings

    nice photo i love how scott has ture is live around i just hope he stay on that right track .

  • barbiedolljo

    I love that Scott and Mason are wearing matching swim trunks!

  • Vic

    nice try ,kris

  • Desiree Violeta Villa-Quarello
    Desiree Violeta Villa-Quarello

    Kourtney is a stunning woman in general....but is is such an absolutely glowing,beautiful, pregnant woman...she can walk around and wear a bikini through her whole pregnancy and she looks so gorgeous and I just adore her in so many ways...shes a #1 mommy, shes an awesome sister to her sissies and brother as the oldest she really does set good examples and a great role model to all of you....she's smart, down to earth,beautiful, daughter to Kris, when your father was here and to Bruce and I just adore her and her person...such a fun,loving,caring,doting,adoring mommy to Mason and she truely does love and reflect on her relationship with Scott and she makes adjustments and compromises where need be. Kudos Kourt you really are a beautiful person and I do love and watch all your fams programs and love your whole families legacies that yall are building and creating....Take good care...kisses to Mason what a gorgeous little man you created w/ Scott. Blessings,Love,Happiness,Smiles & Prayers, Desiree.

  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    That's really sweet! I love seeing support for them. <3

  • carolyn

    you are so adorable looking when your pregnant. don't let no one tell you different.adorable family. hopefully khloe gets pregnant next i think her and Lamar make such a cute couple.

  • Shawn Sutherland
    Shawn Sutherland

    That's so cool your pregnant!!!! Mason needs a brother or ssister!!!! I watch your show every time they are on live in Watwrford Michigan love you Courtney Shawn Sutherland

  • Linda Sizemore
    Linda Sizemore

    Kourtney you are absolutely beautiful, you have a wonderful beautiful loving family. You and your family are very inspiring to me. Love watching the Kardashians and I loved Kourtney and Kim take NYC. I love you all and I never miss anything with you guys are on. Best of luck with the new baby, cant wait to see all the upcoming episodes of the Kardashians.