Proud Mexican-American Celebrities

  • Proud Mexican-American Celebrities
The former girlfriend of Justin Bieber is of Mexican and Filipina decent.
Source: Getty Images
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  • rrs

    Wow this girl looks way younger than celina gomez does, r u sure she is her age? Looks to young . Celina still is better looking than her also!!!

  • Stevie T
    Stevie T

    much prettier thann his new girlfriend... sorry its justin bieber so i should say than HER new girlfriend haha

  • hihu

    She's a CELEBRITY?

  • idaolivia

    jasmine v and justin bieber never date??? they kissed but thats not dating???? <3

  • rainbowpanda

    ugh never liked her but she's pretty but i dont like her

  • Mei-Mei Sabado Rieza Ü
    Mei-Mei Sabado Rieza Ü

    it's not Philippina .. it's "Filipina" . proud to be a filipina :)