Quick-Fix Diet Secrets From the Stars

  • Quick-Fix Diet Secrets From the Stars
Giuliana Rancic toned up for her 2007 wedding with the Ultimate Tea Diet by drinking multiple cups of tea each day for 14 days, in addition to eating three light meals.
VH1's 2012 Do Something Awards
Source: FameFly
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  • Evelyn

    In reality, she doesn't need to be on a diet, she looks emaciated, she doesn't look healthy at all, it's a shame when she puts herself on a diet knowing that other kids are struggling with weight or think that they are fat when they are in fact very skinny like her and it's bad for them, and a risk to their health. Guliana is beautiful, well her face is, but her body, not very nice looking, and I lover her, she is so sweet and admirable, but she makes me feel sorry for her because she looks hungry.