Rihanna’s Sexiest & Wildest Looks

  • Rihanna’s Sexiest & Wildest Looks
Rihanna wears a very attention-grabbing outfit during the 50th annual Grammy Awards on February 10, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo Credit: Getty Images.)
Source: Getty Images
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  • Dani

    what the heck are you talking about? Take a college course Eng 1101, please!

  • simplydiffer

    Wow. The bird who made the nest she's wearing really messed up...

  • courtneybaaaby

    she looks like a bird, with all those feathers aha.

  • tola ojo
    tola ojo

    OMG, i just fell off d chair laffin...ur gramma is a comedy of its own,,,c wetin rihanna cause

  • Miracle Smith
    Miracle Smith

    Grace Jones/ and Tina Turner

  • kay


  • kay

    hahahhahahahahahahahahaha...i cant!!rotfl....oh man...english is hard sometimes!!!!

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    cinderella gone bad is all i have to say

  • Leesa

    OMG! Yet again you have managed to SLAUGHTER the English language! We have no idea what you are saying. What is the conspiration of the United States of America?!!

  • Sarah Michelle Wallace
    Sarah Michelle Wallace

    Speechless, not in a good way. I hate this dress & totally does NOT make her real beauty pop.. Ugh...

  • BiaAmI

    Could you try again and use English this time? Education is an amazing thing. Eazy are you a 12 year old text messaging?

  • KoKo

    I like the dress, not the accessories. But, I admit it would be hard to accessorize that dress.

  • Amadou Barro
    Amadou Barro

    no it very reigh American it not eazy to accomplish but for the people have grammy be knowless by all america but for how many time?have a house and leave in hollywood.for me the American dream is to have her name in the conspiration of UNITED STATS OF AMERICA who is the stability the democracy the progress in art MICHAEL JACKSON in politic BILL CLINTON and i hoppe it for OBAMA dont trus america peoples you can do it for AMERICAthe ideal american ask it and the STATS HAD GIVE YOU ALL OPPORTINITYS.

  • Amadou Barro
    Amadou Barro

    if a girl is on the top in US she beleave that all has bee finish hollywood is waiting for you goog away but u goes only.