Rihanna’s Sexiest & Wildest Looks

  • Rihanna’s Sexiest & Wildest Looks
Rihanna makes a splash at the Conde Nast Media Group's Fifth Annual Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall on September 5, 2008 in New York City. (Photo Credit: Getty Images.)
Source: Getty Images
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  • ssstephanie

    i think she looks good! if i had a toned body like hers, i would flaunt it in everyone's face too ;) whats with ppl and saying the human body is gross and offensive?? she is a beautiful woman with an nice bod...what is wrong with that?

  • nixsta

    13 YEAR OLD GIRL SURFING THE NET-does your parents know what your doing?go and study this is no web site for you.your a little twit and you can go tell mommy.she needs some parenting skills because this is not right i wouldnt be suprised if you become a druggie hooker.chow

  • Amanda Garvin
    Amanda Garvin

    She would look good if she bought outfits that her breasts could fit in

  • amile

    dope out-fits

  • courtneybaaaby

    i like it, shes flaunting what her mamma gave her.

  • courtneybaaaby


  • Miracle Smith
    Miracle Smith

    Terrible Cher imitation and she lipsynched badly and danced worse on fashion rocks.

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    "sigh" rihanna, please get some clothes that fit and don't make your tits squish out. despite what you may think, in my eyes you look pretty disgusting and trashy.

  • raah x
    raah x

    lmao bad boob squish angle hahahaahaha

  • Sarah Michelle Wallace
  • KoKo

    How did I miss Rihanna performing at Fashion Rocks? I never saw this!

  • karb

    she looks nice

  • Dolev Yaro
    Dolev Yaro

    ho no O_O