Rihanna’s Sexiest & Wildest Looks

  • Rihanna’s Sexiest & Wildest Looks
Rihanna is a girly cadet at Nickelodeon's 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards on March 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo Credit: Getty Images.)
Source: Getty Images
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  • Fransez

    Welll, I hope she can sing because she sure doesn't know how to dress. s she proud to be a slut?

  • hater

    okay bia our really fucking pissing me off. Would you say the same thing for miley cyrus?? no so shut the fuck up.

  • courtneybaaaby

    theres nothing even wrong with the outfit, its cute.

  • julz

    this clothes is the only sensable clothing she have worn as yet.....................................

  • Sarah Michelle Wallace
    Sarah Michelle Wallace

    Christina Aguilera outfit...

  • BiaAmI

    You must not have or know any kids these days. They are too busy keeping up with who "Hannah Montana" and the Jonas brothers are having sex with to care about what outfit Rihanna is in! I mean really why don't you worry more about the sex stories of the Disney team then what a PERFORMER is wearing shes just PERFORMING

  • BiaAmI

    LOVE THE TANK!!!!!!

  • Elly123456789

    COME ON ! kids dont see anything sexual in this, it even reminds me of a cartoon.

  • KoKo

    This is good. being appropriate for a kid's show while maintaining her image. As far as Janey thinking it's risque for kids. Seriously, have you watched any those shows? This is not out of line for what Miley, Vanessa, Selena, or any of these other girls would wear. Honestly.

  • Chelsea


  • Beevie

    I think it's cute. A little short for the kid's choice awards, but I think it's fairly appropriate.

  • Janey

    omg. how can she wear that at KID'S CHOICE AWARDS? this is now gq's annual party os something like that...gosh