Rihanna’s Sexiest & Wildest Looks

  • Rihanna’s Sexiest & Wildest Looks
Rihanna wears a low-cut leotard during the German TV Show 'Popstars You & I' final at the Koenigspilsener Arena on December 10, 2009 in Oberhausen, Germany. (Photo Credit: Getty Images.)
Source: Getty Images
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  • hater

    Lady Gaga didnt start the leotard. She only wore a leotard in poker face, which was her second single and came out around march 2009. So rihanna was copying her in this picture. Beyonce's single ladies came out in february 2009 therefore lady gaga didn't invent the leotard you dopes. And then britney spears and madonna were wearing it before her. You idiots. HOnestly, do some reseach before you say lady gaga invented the leotard.

  • courtneybaaaby

    im sorry, but that is the UGLIEST outfit!

  • Miracle Smith
    Miracle Smith

    Kelis again

  • Sarah Michelle Wallace
    Sarah Michelle Wallace

    I'd actually go farther back in the 80's for that Leotard look... Gaga just brought it back in a HORRIBLE way !!! HAHAHA

  • BiaAmI

    Yep GAGA started the leotard not the JAYZ crew

  • KoKo

    I love that leotard. And honestly, Beyonce didn't start trying to dress a little edgier in stage until after Rihanna was doing it. I love Beyonce, but she did not invent the leotard. Lady Gaga was doing it more and B hopped on the bandwagon. Nothing about this look says Beyonce.

  • pleshette

    beyonce clone