Rihanna’s Sexiest & Wildest Looks

  • Rihanna’s Sexiest & Wildest Looks
Rihanna shows off her rockin' bod in a gold bikini top and little else. (Photo Credit: Getty Images.)
Source: Getty Images
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  • Rockken

    This is the Rihanna i fell in love with back when she did "music of the sun" i stopped supporting her after "good girl gone bad" Rihanna came about. I miss this girl right here.

  • Dana

    just ugly

  • emily

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  • Monique Pratt
    Monique Pratt

    Rihanna is fierce!

  • courtneybaaaby

    she tina, shut up already, your bagging beyonce cause she wears like body suits, that show off her beautiful long legs, and how her outfits are slutty and show of her crotch area, look at ALL the other popluar singers, they wear like the same shit, and i think its hot, rihanna wears much revealing things when performing and in her videos just like beyounce, theres nothing wrong with that either, its sexy, there showing off what their mumma gave them, so really, dont hate cause you aint girlfriend.

  • Lorraine

    And Beyonce can acctually sing lmao.

  • Lorraine

    Beyonces ass is real and every singer gets weave or extensions all the time including rihanna and at least beyonces dusent suck on fruits and rides on objects and says he likes being wipes is rihanna feeling ok? lol Beyonce has a life.

  • Soheila Ghorbani
    Soheila Ghorbani

    She is an artist and every night she goes on stage, this is style, not being fake, she cant be on stage every night with one boring look, why Americans think this way.

  • wtf

    keep your eyes on this one beyonce, she wants a bit o jayz as a side order. heads up

  • Tina

    what is so fucking risque about jeans and a top.. when Beypornce the Virgin ho' goes on stage and spreads her legs? wassup ya'all? do you not see the INTENT of the site.. you know nobody can say anything about sick chick don't wanna be black beyweavonce right?

  • Tina

    She's a pretty woman. period. natural green hazel eyes that Beypornce would give a blow for... with her fake ass.

  • Tina

    And Beyweavonce is not? are you some kind of retard? just goes to show u --someone in media lies long enough...you will believe it...Beypornce is the ultilmate ho..hates black people other than her family & husband whom she married for money...cause she spends all of hers on wigs, makeup-exercise BeyBitch looks like a hard light skinned black chick. but you like that..

  • Tina

    i love riahanna for living her life alone, career alone. without mommy & daddy and cousins too...but they all have nappy hair..nothing wrong with that.. just so you know... she is more natural,,.,in that she cut her own hair off...Beypornce has hair to her ass on Monday...and up to her shoulders on Tuesday..but you all overlook that right? you really want to believe the hype.. well her hair is nappy too..she does not have good hair like her mother...she has hair like her sister..naps, naps naps

  • Tina

    u got a lot of nerve talking about rihanna being fake.. how about beypornce and hfer fake ass...fake hair every damn day for 16 years of hr life.. Rihanna feature for feature is much prettier..and nobody does the Ho" act better than vagina thrusting Beyweaveonce..who you STUpid Stupid people have been lied to by her very clever public relations..how ignorant u all are

  • dirty

    it is what it is

  • Irene Nankya
    Irene Nankya

    so sexy and hot

  • simplydiffer

    She was so beautiful back then.

  • hater

    you guys are all so stupid. She was younger than miley cyrus their and wearing a bra top and no one called her slutty. thats what i call unfair. and she is fake that is obviously a wig.

  • Kenley Carlson Small
    Kenley Carlson Small

    u guys jus being a fukin hater..leave rihana alone she perfect bytchess

  • Karmel

    Thank u for ur post this is sooooo true n these guys think nuttin bout the white girls on the beach that as u said bleach,dye n highlight their hair as being fake...also there r a lot of white actresses that wear wigs n or extensions.... and with the white girls the hair aint the only thing they changing a good amount of them have had boob jobs,nose jobs, butt jobs, lips puffed up u name it if they can find a way 2 pay for it they get it and i think its just crazy cuz a lot of them do it very young n their bodies havent even finished maturing n they dont even wait to see just wut God has givin them....my sis got a boob job but she was in her 30's n was just tired of being small cuz even after having 2 kids she was almost flat....so good post Taylor...Oh n btw Im a White woman 1 thats tired of seeing my lil sisters doing crazy things to their bodies...And I JUST ABSOLUTLY LOVE RIHANNA...Shes beautiful n very sexy and as far as i know wut u see is wut God gave her EXCEPT with the hair, n thats why wigsn extensions were made in the first place so women could experience diff colors n styles....So I say 'U GO GIRL' 2 this beautiful lady of color...havgd

  • courtneybaaaby

    learn to spell please.

  • Bajangirl

    Rihanna hair is naturally long. She had relaxed/permed long hair as a teen.

  • Taylor

    Ya'll are retarded.Black women wearing fake hair is as common as white women dying or bleaching or highlighting their hair. So she experiments with her look. We all do. Quit hatin'.

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  • clifforddavid

    well wen d hhhhhhhhhhhotst gurls on earth surface.. evn nobody kan guess wats kommin nxt.. u av no choice dan 2 ak " hey wats my name".. i knw u've heard dis a billion tyms buh i stil gon say it again.. "u r reeeely beautifuuuul n smokin hhhhhhhhhhot.

  • Cande Ciacciarelli
    Cande Ciacciarelli

    I love Rihanna SO much!!!!

  • courtneybaaaby

    you are so beautiful rihanna!

  • Miracle Smith
    Miracle Smith

    This was her imitation Beyonce period

  • Solo Lo
    Solo Lo

    sexest on the earth........



  • Jade

    i like the gold one they enter it in that was when she wasn't a slut looking for dick every 5 nano~seconds!!!!!!!!!! I didn't bother looking at the rest I can feel it in my skin that they get sleazier and sluttier every time u press the next button. rihanna get's on my nerves she can kiss my ass who gives a fuck. All she's in the industry for is D....I.....C......K....= all together now DICK. And she's naked and ready for it on stage ALL the time. ALL SHE IS AND EVER WILL BE IS A SLEAZY< SLUTTY HOE LOOKING FOR DICK AND A BAG OF 55 CENT CHIPS. SHE MIGHT AS WELL SELL AS ON THE CORNER SHE BELONGS THERE NUFF SAID. SHE"S A HOE.

  • Sarah Michelle Wallace
    Sarah Michelle Wallace

    Ciara outfit

  • Babe

    Ths pic is old yea, bt its nt her natural hair still.Jst masses of weaves. What r u goin 2 tell us next? that the red hair is her own too??? hahahhaa Fish is right,she is fake,whether old or new pics.

  • sheryl1996

    she looks bhum here and i love her

  • jenny

    she had long hair before. didn't u notice fish but that was back during pon de replay like musicfan said.

  • Dolev Yaro
    Dolev Yaro


  • Musicfan

    Lol, fish, It's an old picture, around pon the replay hit, she had long hair before:P

  • fish

    not natural, where did the hair come from? She didnt grow that overnight, see what i mean about being fake!!!!

  • fish

    This one is cute