Rihanna Bares All in Barbados

  • Rihanna Bares All in Barbados
Rihanna left little to the imagination when she stepped out in a skin-baring costume for Barbados' Kadoomant Day Parade on Aug. 1, 2011.
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  • leera

    @tina you are so right. why didn't ppl say that beyonce proclaims to be a christian and then you see her costumes and ur like what? riri came back to her caribbean home and participated in something that is a part of her culture i am syre her ppl were very proud of her.

  • Tina

    Hey arlene black people in america are ignorant....real ignorant..Abayeneme Queen--stupid chicken head... but they suck up beypornce's arse.. because she is a black girl from Houston LOL

  • Arlene V Clarke
    Arlene V Clarke

    Your comment shows you do not understand...get beyond your county line. She went home and participated in their carnival parade. She was a member of a group that wore that costume and other variations. I commend her for doing that and trust me, all Bajans enjoyed her participation. It showed that no matter how big a star she is, she does not feel that she is too big to return HOME and jump up with them. She went reight back to her cultural roots and trust me, she will be a in a great frame of mind when she returns to the US. So become knowledgable about issues outside of your town before you try to pass judgement.

  • Abayeneme Queen
    Abayeneme Queen

    dats shocking outfit and behaviour..she an international pop star..she shuddnt go nude on d street for no good reason...i think dat is classless and shocking..she is pretty in them though but not suited for her image

  • kewlgirl

    i noticed rihanna likes RED hmmmm the colour of her costume/ her hair was red etc................

  • Moses Safari
    Moses Safari

    Wonderful photors but needs to be improved more and more. pictures which give a good feelings and image

  • hailie

    TATTOO ?