Rihanna Performs in Baltimore

  • Rihanna Performs in Baltimore
Source: Rex/BEImages
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  • riri♥

    LOL she's not even fat...how much do YOU weigh? 12 pounds?

  • riri♥

    No offense, but why are you on Rihanna's galleries if you hate her? Your activity is completely made up of you making fun of her :/

  • courtneybaaaby

    oi i never said she was fat okay, she isnt, shes just gotten abit chubby, so calm ya farm

  • RihannaMusicRox

    I seriously had to laugh at your comments XD Judging by them you all are probably anorexic or maybe y'all are fat/obese/overweight(take your pick) and are jealous of Rihanna. Either way what you say and what you think won't affect or change how people see her so it doesn't really matter, so just keep on hating coz RihannaNavy have her back :P

  • courtneybaaaby

    shes gotten abit of the chubby side

  • kim

    Not attractive, does she not have handlers or stylists, she looks like trash, and she need a proper diet. The outfits are horrendous. She is the anti-Beyonce....no class and not pretty.

  • Miracle Smith
    Miracle Smith

    So unsexy, so nasty this isn't funny. Thanks for setting women back 30 years. You know you are older than 23 Rihanna! Stop lying!