Rihanna performs on ABC s Good

  • Rihanna performs on ABC s Good
Rihanna performs on ABC's Good Morning America show in Time Square on November 24, 2009 in Manhattan, New York.
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  • Nicole Kuti
    Nicole Kuti

    she ripped her dress and that all they had in her size in the changing rooms

  • Kayla

    I agree with Barbara's comments. I don't understand why the world is so obsessed with sex appeal and that it must saturate the entire world. God created our bodies to not glorify ourselves and worship the creation rather than the Creator! I understand others may not have the same views as I do regarding faith and God, but I feel I must take a stand for things like this!

  • Barbara

    It is a shame sex and body parts are so important that performers think they have to concentrate on them for a succesful performance. I saw a lot of performers on the AMA show and find the sexual inuendos, projected by some, were disgusting, and probably unnecessary to draw a good audience.