Rihanna's Best Bikini Moments

  • Rihanna's Best Bikini Moments
Nobody rocks a two-piece or monokini like Rihanna! Check out the superstar's hottest bikini looks.
Source: Splash News and Pictures
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  • Darlene

    Gloria as a woman I don't look at another woman's pussy print....The way you looking at her makes me think you want to fuck her......just admit it!!

  • martinez


  • msassybo

    LOL your a complete and total idiot, dont slam someone elses opinon just because YOU are blind and cannot see RiRi's beauty. If you hate her and think she is ugly, BUZZ OFF MATE! no one wnats to hear your trash talking (: CIAO BONITO!

  • enough

    and i've seen all your post praising ugly women. It makes me wonder how ugly you really are if you think rihanna is pretty LOL

  • Riri99

    OK so she photoshopped a candid picture that wasn't taken by her or has even been seen by her. Sure. Think your a bit jealous I've seen all your posts about women with great bodies.

  • Gloria Sedano-Sarabia
    Gloria Sedano-Sarabia

    Her legs are totally photoshopped! No way they have that gap. Look at the picture just before! No gap there. And wow, here the magical gap appears. She is not that thin.

  • mileyismylife

    seriously, she is way too beautiful. she is clearly not human.