Disaster strikes An evil coyote

  • Disaster strikes  An evil coyote
Disaster strikes! An evil coyote kidnaps Daisy in the backyard of the Simpson residence. Oh no!
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  • mac

    this is not even funny ... the person who made this pic, should kick themselves hard in the ass ...

  • notprayingforu

    lisa 2 days ago Reply LOL You must have been looking in the mirror when you LOL, jerk

  • prayingnotforpeoplelikeu

    This is not funny or humorous and like it says, karma comes back you sick bas.... I am so sick and full of tears over this incident. I have dogs also and couldn't even fathom that happening to an animal. I hope a coyote comes up and bites you in the a... You insentitive, piece of shi...

  • Hate your mag now
    Hate your mag now

    This is the most sick thing this magazine could have done. What the hell is wrong with you people. I will never ever buy this magazine again, and I will be sure none of my friends do either. Believe me, you have lost a lot of people with this one. How hateful can you be. I hope your magazine goes under...you deserve it, just plain nasty and sick people! What goes around comes around

  • JaifromWI

    That's a horrid picture. Like other people said, it's not a funny or laughable situation, and you a-holes are just proving that you must be male.

  • Feisty_Navy_girl

    I agree, this is not a laughing matter, seriously that poor little dog had no chance against a coyote, regardless if you don't like Jessica Simpson at least show some respect, I can just imagine how she is feeling now, and that poor little dog had to die violently....

  • lisa


  • Michelle

    This is a sick and mean photo! Do you people have no compassion? It's a domesticated dog we're talking about - man's best friend? How can you be so cold! You should be ashamed or yourselves!!

  • Stacey

    This is an aweful picture...the situation is not a joke or anything to laugh about! SAD!

  • chichilavie

    You can see the fear in Daisy's eyes.

  • noah

    I don't think Daisy and the Coyote are going to play nice together.