RIP Daisy You will be

  • RIP Daisy  You will be
RIP Daisy. You will be missed.
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  • Noneya

    Your such a stupid as* I hope a coyote goes after u!!

  • notprayingforu

    Your Mother must have been a coyote because she produced an ***hole that feeds off of grief. I hope you choke on the steak you bought with this publicity.

  • valeria

    son unos idiotas! ojala se mueren ustedes! y destripados por un coyote!!!! eld esgraciado que hiso la foto no tiene vida!!es un pobre imbecil!

  • no future for you
    no future for you

    That's just great. Did you all get a nerdy snicker over this one? It's not even remotely funny. I won't be visiting this site again.

  • Maria

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTIN!!! You guys need to be reported, this is very poor taste and bad judgment on every level, and Lisa is just as ignorant as they are for laughing....

  • lisa


  • danielle Grippi
    danielle Grippi

    one word. SHALLOW. you're such a piece of sh*t

  • J

    Wow. These last two pictures are in such bad taste. I can't believe you were allowed to publish these...

  • Stacey

    THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Molly

    You're a f*cking horrible person. Have some f*cking sympathy *** hole. f*ckin' loser. Get a life.