Although they ve denied being a

  • Although they ve denied being a
Although they've denied being a couple, it's obvious there is chemistry between "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" start Robert Kardashian and "Run's House" star Angela Simmons as they enjoyed some pampering at a Beverly Hills, CA nail salon on March 24, 2010.
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  • amieluvya

    [img] 3713-340_255.jpg[/img] ekkk thats us and we love you!!!

  • amieluvya

    i like a man who can get his nails done WOOTWOOT

  • amieluvya

    there comes the fishes againnn

  • amieluvya

    ok... you may have pictures of the kardashians all over your rooms and talk about them non stop...... but i and my cousin are the ULTIMATE fans!!! we love you soo much and respect your every move!!! we love lamar, scott(even tho he can be a lil ass sometimes:)) and well it ma take some getting used too.. we love kris h. tooooo!!!! Brucey you are the ULTIMATE dad evvvvvvverrrrrr and kris j. ahhh your a dramatic one.. but i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu haha you have some of the best sayings!! " i really am crying" "are you INSANE???" "i love sorry" "you guyes really hurt my feelings!" yaa.. and some more! ROBBBIEEE you sexxyyy mannnnn!!! ahhh i love you! like if i could marry you.. guess what i would! ahh and when i saw you get that tattoo of Adrienne Bailon i thought that was soo cute.. but almost cried!!! (cuz it wasnt meee or my cousin graceeee) lamarrr..your my fav guy onon the show everrr your so nice and treat khloe like a queen good luck with the bball!! 9 my grandma loves you)and who can forget kendall??? shes gorge!!! she could pull off being like 20!! (thats a good thing!!) and kylie your soo cute and prettyyy and guess what we r the same ageeee!!! ( you look so much older than mee) Malika Haq ( im sorry your sister was only on once but shes soo pretty) and you you are just drop dead gorgeous!!! like ive never seen anyone so pretty in my lifeeee!!!! jamie... you kinda bug me but after you were put into your place and got beter your a pretty funnyyyy guy!!! We're glad your back on track with your health!!! We missed you!! and baby mason!!! your such a cutie... but your growing up soo fast!!! you look soo cute walking down the isle as the ring beerier!!! and the three girls who make my life go on!! Kim kourt and klohe!! lets start with sassy kim... i have to admit when the show started i didnt like you but now you've come so far in your business and you seem to grow on me and i luvv yaaa... the show wouldn't be complete with your sassy business side of you! kort.. your such a cute mom and mason was a blessing in disguise to keep you and scott together you r now such a cute family and hope to see you guys merry soon...if thats what you want!!!!!! khloe your soo down to earth and make me laugh all the time i talk about you all the time (not to be weird) and this leads us to the best of all........ Henry. the. giraffe!!!!!!!!!!!! anytime hes on we whatch the episode ten times and scream our living heads off!! we LOVEEEE him from the day you got him to the phone cal he joined in on when kim got her butt xray!!! till you waddled away with kourt through your GORGEOUS hallway!! as you can see we love all of you and best fishes... if you could some how tell us you saw this it would be much appreciated we love you with all our hearts and best wishes!!! (ps if we forgot anyone soooooooo sorry:))

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    How can you know he's straight???

  • krys

    Oh, they have to be dating. No straight man gets his nails done with his "bestie." C'mon now.

  • Effy

    Who wrote this? I think that it's supposed to be "gets his nails done" and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians star" not "start". But that Angela reminds me of Kardashian sisters.