Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Hold Hands During Date Night

  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Hold Hands During Date Night
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart enjoy a date night at the The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on July 19, 2012.
Source: AKM-GSI
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  • K-Stew

    Im sooo sorry Rob :(

  • Laura Hugill
    Laura Hugill

    Don't paparazzi mainly ask them questions when there is a rumour going around? Because, if that's the case, they'd probably be screaming at Kristen (mainly): "KRISTEN! KRISTEN! IS IT TRUE THAT YOU'RE CHEATING ON ROB WITH YOUR SWATH DIRECTOR?" I think that if that ACTUALLY happened, Rob would definitely be interested in that fact and we'd have pictures where Rob is looking shocked and confused. Maybe even angry and walking away from Kristen. My belief is that it is ALL a rumour. Because, if it wasn't, don't you think that the pictures would have come out on the SAME DAY? If I was an HONEST paparazzi and my job was to tell the TRUTH and I found out that a celebrity who was in a relationship was cheating on their partner with another person, I would snap the photos and send them IMMEDIATELY to get them published ON THAT SAME DAY! Wouldn't you?

  • soph

    did Rob know she was cheating before or after these photos have been released?

  • Marr

    Totally disagree it is for PR. They kept it hidden because of this crap. Now that it is coming to an end, they are more comfortable in their relationship. It sucks that paps and some people have to invade their privacy when they are enjoying private times like anybody else. Good for them anyways

  • Disagree

    Except the next Twilight film is not out until late November or December. So it's a bit silly to accuse them of doing a PR move five months in advance. I read Celebuzz on a regular basis, and while these two are obviously not spotted out a lot they also are spotted out at times when they don't have any films or promos to do. They've been spotted at concerts a lot at random times. I think it's kind of like any celeb. When there is a film coming out, the paps will get more aggressive and start following the film's star around more because that is what the tabloids will be focused on. For example, there have been a ton of Anne Hathaway photos lately because of TDKR, and Anne Hathaway is certainly not the type of actress who calls the paps on her. Anne still gets papped when she doesn't have a film, but she gets papped more around that time. Plus, they've been together for like 4 years. That's a long ass time for a PR relationship.

  • publicity

    Cant possibly be because there's another Twilight movie out soon. If they are dating, fine but it seems more like publicity, they are rarely seen together between movies and yet every time there's a new one on the way or the fandom starts to die down a little here they are "Together" again, and neither one seem to be "Enjoying" much of anything in the pictures but then again that's how Kristen always looks lol. So anyway if they are dating that's cool but I think it screams publicity and once the movies are done so are they.

  • cara

    nice to see them being comfortable holding hands in public

  • twilight-lover