Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline

  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline
May 2009: While romance rumors are at their highest, Rob and Kristen give a fake-out kiss after winning the Best Kiss award at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Meanwhile, they were staying together at a boutique hotel in Los Angeles.
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  • Countryrockgirl

    What the hell is wrong with all you people? Are you on this site to look @ pics of celebrities you like, maybe appreciate? Are do you really have nothing better to do in your pathetic, nasty, sick, screwed up lives, to lie about being a newly-turned teen, swear all over the place because that's just as important as spelling & grammar mistakes! As well as attack each other for what? Step outside, & look at the sky-it's blue. Yes, you can take the web with you to continue to spat out this crazy crap. I know you're all going to think & tell me to screw off, but dudes, you're already there. Someone just had to open the curtains, pull the blinders off. These ACTORS appreciate their fans. If you're not a fan, move on. Or if you're a hater, let others critique you!

  • Marva Epiphane
    Marva Epiphane

    honestly yor'll need to get a life.. spending the whole day commenting people who dont know yor'll excist..

  • 13yearoldgrlsrfingthenet


  • FAN

    I love this couple, i hope they stay together forever:-) I also think that Kristen Stewart should cut a fringe i think she would look stunning.

  • wtf

    so you call offending other people because someone insulted their idols and they're defending those now, "sticking up for someone". of course they get angry after several hating comments. your fight is over 2 unimportant celebrities you obviously don't like. i ask again: why the hell do you do this??

  • courtneybaaaby

    sorry cause i like to stick up for people

  • wtf

    what are you? honestly! Her freaking mother?! this is the internet. fight on your own!


    I know somebody that is legally insaine.

  • really?

    I can't take you seriously with that dreadful spelling and grammar. Don't bother with the "no one cares on the internet" because you should... you're the one looking stupid if you don't

  • spellingnazi

    gahhh your spelling is dreadful, and you post on practically every page I read! Pleasseeee learn child, you are already 13, about time you knew how to spell 'surfing' and 'opposites'

  • hoehoebeeaauuucchh

    @everyone whos hating....listen peeps i dnt like this twilight stuff tht much either but first of all if u dont like rob nd kristen then dnt fuckin post anything k?cuz tht would make u seem more likee an asshole u r.second of all i think the 13 yr old is posting sttuf just cuz she wants hate comments obviously.nd the courtney girl is just a stupid hoe who uses the r word,which is not a nice word.go ahead call me a bitch,call me a hoe,an asshole anything...i dnt giv a shit.nd if ur sikk to ur stomach thn go to the fuckin hospital nd dont come bak to this wevsite cuz no1 likes u k.

  • courtneybaaaby

    your trully a fuckhead, you dont even know what she looks like.

  • 13year olds are minging
    13year olds are minging


  • ugly13yearoldswhothinktheyarehardarefunny

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  • LadyTigereyes

    Dude, leave her. She could be legally insane...

  • LadyTigereyes

    I remember that, I laughed so hard.

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    yes, i would like proof, actually cuz i would say someone who posts boasting comments like that on a gossip site definantly sounds like a lier

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    first of all, they say oppisites attract and second of all, only some people can pull off the "scruffy" look and they are definantly not those people

  • Bella

    AW. she looks gorgeous! and hes so hot!

  • coutneybaaaby

    wow she looks pretty in this photo!

  • Karina

    Looks like SplitsVille because me and Robert Pattinson are engaged need proof?

  • Natalie

    They're both so scruffy. Perfect for each other

  • Larissa .S
    Larissa .S

    Kiss logo, Kristen is a farce "but I love ¬ ¬"!

  • visha

    thats so sweet love it