Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline

  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline
July 2008: Pattinson and Stewart flirted throughout a Q&A session fanning the fires of romance rumors at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego, CA.
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  • Jelena


  • Jennifer

    Apparently, they didnt have sex but they did more than kissing. They uncovered other things that led to an actual affair. Which kissing is also a way of cheating. Society just tries to make it seem like it isnt that big of a deal, but it is.

  • Jody

    a kiss and a titty suckoff session..LOL U must not have seen the "kiss".

  • A

    It their job , its what they do . They're in character . She wasn't in character when this happened and he wasn't an actor in the movie shooting a scene . He was her director . Kissing is still cheating .

  • Misty Compton
    Misty Compton

    my gosh I don't see what all the fuss is about, I mean if it was just kissing that they did...why should it matter to them because all three of them kiss all kinds of people on the movie set daily....Never could understand how actors and actress could hold a relationship down because of what their jobs require them to do sometimes....

  • gabybaby

    wat happened wit ur hair

  • Poetry

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  • Barbara Vega
    Barbara Vega

    she got balls to be standing next to him and that hair.

  • Michelle Lynn Myers
    Michelle Lynn Myers

    your smoking crack he is hot w/everything he does

  • Shangreela

    OMG, did somoene go to war in his hair? O.O

  • juli


  • kita-chita

    wtf dude u need to talk to GREAT CLIPS. that hairstyle is garbage

  • Celeste

    He needs to brush his hair lol

  • adam

    she is very sexy girl

  • adam

    i would like to fuke her

  • adam

    hehe that's Farce

  • 14yearoldgrlsrfingthenet

    neither, i would rather rot in hell than be in a room with either of them for 5 secs. he's not even very attractive plus i wish he would keep his shirt on instead of ripping it every five secs

  • Jalica Hickman
    Jalica Hickman

    Erm..Uh..yea. *enchanted by Robert's hair.* What the. . .did you straighten it, then have one of your body gaurds shake you down? lmao.

  • Adriana Georgiana
    Adriana Georgiana

    Rob ~ sexy

  • Zoe

    there brother and sister

  • corie

    Rob, what's with your mane?

  • Katie P.
    Katie P.

    Honestly, i love Rob in the twilight series and all and i think that he is ABSOLUTELY handsome in those movies, but he seriously needs a haircut and a waxed chest... Just being honest.

  • germanxxannie

    ha isn't it awsome how this girl walks around at official stuff "er... no stylist, put that gucci thing away... i'm going jeans and t-shirt." LUV IT


    dont celebs usually put some makeup on!? and i am not talkin about kristen

  • reba

    how cute but he needs to fix the hair ahhhhh

  • sydsouth

    * Mannn, you guys know I hate typing normal, typing everything perfect is boring. But seriously though your comment made me crack up, i'm having a good day today for sure. Otherwise I'd be upset. * =}

  • Purrlady

    Wow, I don't think he's ugly, but his hair is definitely over styled looks crazy. No way he did that to his hair...

  • courtneybaaaby

    sydsouth type normal for fuck sake

  • sydsouth

    * Excuse me, everyone knows I LOVE Taylor, get that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not rob, I was just thinking about how he's changed so much and that I miss the "old Rob". Fuk your comment... *

  • simplydiffer

    My hair looks exactly like that when I wake up. His looks like he let some wild badgers get a hold of it though.

  • jaze

    i love them both.................

  • LadyTigereyes

    Not the best picture of them...

  • courtneybaaaby

    nina, jacob is so sexy unlike fucking edward cullen

  • nina

    so you're team Jacob 13year old gurl?! LOL!

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    totes agree, i watched a trailer for the latest movie he was in and he has the same stupid "dark" look on his face that he does in the stupid twi series, he just can't act very well, he's a one-trick-pony and the trick isn't very good even.

  • coutneybaaaby

    fuck your ugly rob.

  • sydsouth

    * Old Rob, 'sigh'. *

  • curlyluver24

    ewwwww his hair makes me wanna puke

  • laura

    hahahahaha, his hair is CRAZY !