Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline

  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline
June 2010: Pattinson and Stewart attend the MTV Movie Awards together, torture fans with an almost-we-sort-of-kissed kiss.
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  • Miki Graham
    Miki Graham

    i have seen many comments of yours. and i know this was like a year ago but still, i dont like it. Kristen isnt a lesbian. and your what 41 now? you were like 40 when you made these comments? really a 40 year old women is gonna say such shit? im not being an obsessed fan im just really irritated that a women of your age acted like this, you dont even know Kristen so stop bullying her. i think this is why celebs turn to drugs and drinking cause of people like you bashing on them for shit. so please just get a life? maybe mature more even though your 41 now. maybe even 42. idk. just stop with the bullying. it isnt cool. Whats sad is im 17 and i know when not to bash people. thats very sad.

  • Karma9

    romanticfool,I wish this was a site where other people could post abuse or spam,thumbs down so your comments would be unshown,etc....You are just really getting out there. Every pic I look at now you are at the top of the list and now resorting to pics? For all you know that could be a relative or anyone she loves dearly.You must really have a homophobic issue something fierce.You are a real head case and head trip,wow....

  • Doom

    You haters are just wasting your life on someone you hate... wow.. Anything else better to do?

  • cheryl

    "hey you ROMANTICFOOL" LOL :D yup,she or he is a FOOL ;)

  • Random
    Random obviously need some help here. Spamming websites all over the net just to post vile, hateful diatribes against a YOUNG girl such as Kristen is despicable. Were you a bully in high school? Maybe you still are in school which would explain some maturation that you need in order to be a healthy adult. If you are an need help.

  • shut up :P
    shut up :P

    hey you ROMANTICFOOL just shut up if you dont like her then dont watch her pictures duh!! and dont coment about her you dont even know her in real life so... you cant say nothing about her! go away looser! :P

  • Tayly Fan
    Tayly Fan

    That's not a Dacota, you freak bitch!! That's her manager and they were having fun together!! Don't write nonsense, when you doens't understand anything

  • romanticfool

    She had a guy sitting right next to her at the event. She would not kiss him but had no problem smooching up Dakota. Why do you think Perez Hilton and others said what he did about her the next day? [img][/img]