Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline

  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline
October 2011: In British GQ, Kristen finally acknowledges her relationship with Pattinson in four simple words: "My boyfriend is British." She adds: “I mean, it’s like, come on guys, it’s so obvious!”
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  • Sadie

    she looks really pretty on this cover. i'm not a very big fan of hers, but i have to give props where props are due. and it makes sense the two of them would be so close, they were pretty much un-known actors and became superstars overnight, and they went through it together. anyone would be close after that. i just really hope she doesn't suck in On the Road. that's too classic of a novel to destroy.

  • bella

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  • Soapstef


  • Thayana Hanrath
    Thayana Hanrath

    finally...way to go kristen...

  • hate dumbazzes
    hate dumbazzes

    You people are idiots, did you not take geography class? What idiot is saying it makes a difference. It doesn't. @swath4fans answered someone's question about it and they broke it down: Rob is both English and British you dummies. Rob was born in London, England. England is a member of the United Kingdom of Great Britain along with other countries such as Wales and Scottland. Anyone born in the U.K. aka Britain is considered BRITISH!! England is in Great Britain. Therefore anyone born in England is British. Just like someone was born in New York makes them a New Yorker and an American. So Rob was born in England making him, English and since England is in the UK then it makes him British as well. GOT IT YOU IGNORANT DUMMIES?! LMAO!! ROB IS ENGLISH BECAUSE HE WAS BORN IN ENGLAND....AND SINCE ENGLAND IS A PART OF GREAT BRITAIN, HE'S BRITISH AS WELL. As for Celebuzz, you all need to get the quote right. It's "My boyfriend is English". Not "British" although technically he's both.

  • IM1LuckyWoman

    If you're going to sure to get it right. According to GQ, what she said is "My boyfriend is English". Some people are splitting hairs over the difference between English and British must make a someone.