Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline

  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline
May 2010: Stewart neither confirms nor denies her relationship with Pattinson in interview with Elle further fueling romance fodder.
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  • bella

    Love Kristen such a talented and beautiful young woman. She's obviously doing something right if she's still acting. Looking to make extra money? looking to lose weight?

  • Karma9

    Karma9 romanticfool…Are you some PR person? Or do you have some personal or inside connections to be so self righteous and a know it all on celebs and their every move and lives and business? Your comments have finally provoked me to make my own comment. Maybe you are struggling with your own need to come out of the closet, your picture is as ridiculous as your incessent comments and your name is just right,half of it… “FOOL”. I had put this comment on the previous page.I copied and pasted it on here once I seen others have noticed the constant jabs and on and on from romanticfool on every page ,almost.I am tiring of it. You can have your own opinions,but it makes little to NO sense to me if you cannot stand the woman,why the OCD with her? Also, if she was to be a lesbian,are you homophobic or something? is this why you have a pic like you do? I mean for all any of us know that could be a woman with you in that picture. And also, Kristen Stewart is a young lady,and she is very pretty and will most likely grow into a real beauty as she gets older.Are you maybe struggling with age or jealousy? Women like you make no sense to me what so ever. I just turned 50 yrs old and am entirely comfortable with how I look and who I am. But you seem to need to pick at a young woman to make yourself feel better and built up,maybe? You do have some kind of self esteem problem, or you do need some medication. I am looking at the pics as I enjoy them and I do like the Twilight Sagas, plain and simple! Amen to the others who are feeling the same way about you on here, you are tiresome,why not find someone you do like to look at and go there?

  • Random

    This Romantic Fool person has some serious issues being obsessed with someone she obviously doesn't know but doesn't like. I would bet that this person searches all mentions of Kristen Stewart on the web and posts demeaning, hate filled diatribes against Kristen. This person seriously needs some psychological counseling.

  • germanxxannie

    wow pretty :D i love her hair! i got about the same length, but never worked to make so many different good looks

  • Right

    Good Lord, your obvious jealousy is out of control. Grow up and get a life.

  • romanticfool

    Wow, a little powder a little paint makes a woman what she ain't. Big improvement from her usual attire and 'tude. http:// and then enter

  • List

    aww shes just freakin adorable(: