Robert Pattinson at the People's Choice Awards

  • Robert Pattinson at the People's Choice Awards
Robert Pattinson is seen here at the 2011 People's Choice Awards on Jan. 5, 2011.
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  • Cathy

    Looks stoned.

  • meg

    I totaly called the ending where they go in on her face and she opens her eyes. The Volturi scene doesn't count

  • Laura York
    Laura York

    Just what the hell were you on that night Rob? Even Kristen and Taylor didn't want to be near you that night.

  • luvmylif3

    I agree with the look of tiredness and weight loss, but also keep in mind that he just shot the film Water for Elephants. It appeared that he had to thin out even more for that film, but then again that's just my perception. I don't follow the celeb updates that closely. I just remember hearing many actors and actresses explaining what extremes they have to go through for different roles, in regards to their appearances. Can't wait for the Breaking Dawn! Having friendly debates as to where the 1st installment will end....

  • Lisa

    Haha he's tired AND SICK. With the flu I think. He was talking about it at the Golden Globes!

  • talita

    O cara e perfeito i love rob ele e tudo de bom e mais um pouco rossesed robsten

  • jean watt
    jean watt

    I adore Robert Pattinson,,,MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • twihard2000

    he has lost too much weight.he looks tired and unhappy.still hot though

  • Libbi

    Seems as though Rob has lost quite a bit of weight. That perfect jawline is gone. Can't wait till seem on the big screen again!

  • donnamweiss063010

    He looks very tired in this pic. They have been on a whirlwind of travels and filming. Don't know how they do it sometimes. Love Rob though and Kristen!

  • Ely Medina
    Ely Medina

    i love his hair:D, can't wait to see him in the movie theatre!