March 17 2010 Robert

  • March 17  2010  Robert
March 17, 2010: Robert Pattinson seen leaving the Ivy club in London, UK.
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  • sylviapickett

    I agree. so what if he has a drink.

  • Heart & Soul
    Heart & Soul

    Well at least he does not go into bars under age like Kristen does and get caught smoking a bong and rolling them like she has. As far as being drunk. The paps are taking the pics in mid blink. He felt good but he was not a mess. Don't you people get it that they want to tear this guy down and knock him off the fame pedestal. Jealousy is big and the studios want their stars to do well not this little start up called Summit. People love to tear down people who have received fame and fortune just as soon as they get it.

  • indiegirl

    He is drunk!! ...cant even stand up straight..look at the way his bodyguards are holding him!!

  • sydsouth

    * WOW!!! OKAY, now whom ever said that he isn't tipsy or drunk has to be eating there words by now....this picture is proof ---- I mean seriously, look at his face!! Hilarious though, * XD

  • Rosie

    "Now I am going to visit Emilie since Kristen is in NYC and will never know it" What for, Rob, you are drunk, all you can do is sleep.

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    Rob,i jst love him...