Robert Pattinson looks like he enjoyed

  • Robert Pattinson looks like he enjoyed
Robert Pattinson looks like he enjoyed the party following the premiere of "Remember Me"!! 03-01-2010
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    I as well was at the remeber me after event and the comment about kristen just sitting in the chair all night is wrong. she was interacting with robs people and she was also talking with rob and a few other people. they had his family sectioned off and she was in the vip with them and she as well as his family were chatting. so please stop painting wrong pix of her? what was she suppose to do go around networking with others? everyone at that event was a guest of someone from the movie so a lot of people were off to themselves not just kristen and that was rob premiere not kristens anyway. I got in not by way of knowing anyone from the movie but from knowing someone who worked that event. and people they have footage of all that went on inside and from what I could see. kristen did fine and she did not appear to be bored.

  • san

    uh....he's not a lush, if you actually look at the pics u can clearly see that there was ice and snow on the street and his body guards were just helping him get over it. GOD leave the guy alone!! i'm sure he had some drinks but he wasn't sloppy. LOOK AT THE PICS!!! and who cares about kristen

  • Enjoy Life!
    Enjoy Life!

    So what he works hard and like to play hard as well. He is only 23 most guys his age are drunk in a frat house some where and on you tube making asses of themselves. Nobody is quick to say "oh they will end up in rehab" the behavior is just brushed off as typical college. He is a talented actor who is enjoying the moment. People need to stop judging him, don't you remember what it was like to be 23!!

  • Eye Witness
    Eye Witness

    I was at the party and he was not even remotely drunk looking. These pictures paint a very different picture of what it was actually like. In fact, Rob was pretty much all business, networking and meeting people all night. Kristen, on the other hand, showed up looking bored as hell and spoke to no one. she was slumped down in a chair the entire night. They barely interacted with each other.

  • Disappointed

    What a looser. There's nothing more unattractive then a Lush. There's nothing wrong with liking a good party but always being photographed drunk , tells me Rob has some issues. He's going to be one of those celeb. in rehab.