'Breaking Dawn' Cast at UK Premiere

  • 'Breaking Dawn' Cast at UK Premiere
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner attend the UK premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 at Westfield Stratford City on November 16, 2011 in London, United Kingdom.
'Breaking Dawn' Cast at UK Premiere
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  • llissel

    aaaww just the way she looks at him=) she's so in love<3 they both are<3

  • daizy

    love birds

  • gloht_07

    Wow.. Kristen has brown eyes? It's so cool.. and she's actually looking at Rob.. nice couple..

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    the perfect couple I can't imagine them with other people!!!!!!

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    think we can add lara & jojo to that list /: jeezus what a weirdo,if I could I would send Rob & Kris a heads up to have their peeps & the FEDS keep an eye on that one LOL

  • Cara

    Hi nonsten, so you are Johnny now? what's next, Mike, Dan, Eric and any generic male name you can think of? Get a life, you are so obsessed with Kristen that she is all you ever think about 24/7. Life is short to fill yourself with so much hate and negativity girl. Accept the reality and move on.

  • Johnny

    No Taylor Lautner is not really handsome. But yeah well suited to her short height. Cute couple Taysten!!

  • Cara

    this is a very flattering neckline for Kristen. She should wear tops and dresses like this. It helps that her boyfriend is handsome arm candy too.