September 26 2009 Robert

  • September 26  2009  Robert
September 26, 2009: Robert Pattinson looks worse for the wear as he heads back from a night out drinking in Vancouver, Canada.
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  • meganleigh

    Rob, i love you, but your fashion sense sucks! Can't wait for New Moon! :D

  • SYD

    *HAHAHAHA....Syd south thinks he is now an official American boy!!!!...jk..he looks sleepy but he should be excited and very THANKFUL for everything that he has been allowed to DO WHAT HE IS doing...good for him...!!!!!!=D* SYD...south.........OUT!!!!!

  • alize

    aww my poor sexy baby

  • Guest

    My Rob looks so tired. Rob if you need a place to stay my house is open for you any time 24/7. Lol. Kristen 2... Just saying :)

  • obsessed

    he looks so much paler than before!! but hes getting even hotter!