NEW YORK, NY- SEPTEMBER 13: Taylor Lautner,Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson backstage during the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on September 13, 2009 in New York City. Photo Source: AP
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  • nicole

    hi im kristen and i'm constantly miserable. joker

  • Rae

    RPATZ AND KRISTEN LOOK SOOO MUCH BETTER TOGETHER these two together(lautner&stewart) look awkward ;p

  • jess

    awwwwwww they looks so cute together!!!!! they looks so happy though! lol. i wish i was lristen so i could be that close to rob+taylor!! love new moon!

  • meganleigh

    Yay, she brushed her hair! Still black though, her skin is too white to pull black hair off... doesn't look right to me

  • Twilightobsession235

    love k stew's new hair :D

  • twilight fan
    twilight fan

    The only reason her hair is like that is cuz she played joan jet n she had to cut her hair. N i think she looks really cute wit her hair like that so who ever doesnt needs to get a life cuz she is beautiful n many ways n it doesnt matter wat she looks like cuz no matter how she looks she will always be beautiful!

  • MoniiiLeiin

    I love them.!!!! Kristen and Rob are soo cute together ♥ But Taylor is my dreamboy :'D

  • sissi

    hi im kristen and i'm constantly miserable. haha!yeah her new haircut doesn't suit her

  • Delphine

    now he smiles wen his takin a pic alone wit taylor.........but the pic taken wit rob he frowns......why???

  • Giulia

    I dont think so..she looks like a vampire.......he is very cute!

  • alizz

    If your going to rip on Rob get the facts straight. He hates the fame and doesnt know how to act. I'll agree he seemed to act different but he takes this fame thing hard. And the directors of New Moon are trying to get the public to believe that Taylor and Kristen and Best Friends in real life just like In New Moon...who knows if they are in real life? most likely an act. And They are telling Kristen and Robert to keep things underwraps because of New Moon as well and they want the fans to think that they still have a chance with Rob. Its a big game for the producers they tell the actors/actresses to act a certain way in public to reflect what is going on in the movies. I myself want Kristen and Rob together but if they arent its their choice. More Freedom to them!

  • LoveJacob

    She looks beautiful. Taylot looks really good in this pic. The BFFs. SO COOL!!! She has a bff in Taylor and bf in Rob. Could her life get any better? They both keep her safe. Just like in the books. Too bad Taylor (the kid) can't help Rob (the adult) stay sober long enough to make the presentation of the new trailer. He tried. He never does that (slaps the hands of fans as he walks by) and not look terrified. He was already drunk. No wonder Kris was looking at him like she wanted to beat him up in the other pic. The look she gave says as much. No wonder she took Taylor's hand instead of his as they walked down the stairs. She didn't want to trip or make him trip. Or make herself trip wt his off balance. That was sweat of her. Good save. It's good she has Taylor to lean on when Rob's not totally himself.

  • Abbbieeee

    Wow :) she looks so much prettier with her hair like that rather than the whole mullet thing!

  • ;D

    hi im kristen and i'm constantly miserable.

  • mrs.lautner

    i like her hair longer but she's still gorgeous!! i love taylor

  • obsessed


  • kstewfan

    She is sooo pretty.. it's sick. Love her eyes.. love the fact that she is real. Taylor is soo cute