Oh Telly Honestly

  • Oh Telly  Honestly
Oh Telly. Honestly...what kind of a name is Telly?! Actually, for some odd reason it seems fitting. Her only memorable attribute was that she was athletic. If any of you recall other relevant facts about Telly, please enlighten us in comments.
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  • Ian

    She was in an episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction.

  • l.y.p.$.e.

    she being a priss which Zeke the Plumber exposed. LoL the scariest scene on that episode too.

  • kayla

    She hated the sight of blood.

  • kevin
    kevin "ug" lee

    telly also wore glasses. that's about all i remember

  • Brooke

    She was also their token minority character.

  • AmyKB

    there was the storyline where she had horrible glasses and went to contacts.

  • amanda

    Telly hated the sound of nail clippers. Dina once taunted her by clipping her nails near Telly's bed. Telly also hated the idea of ever attending a "Ball" and wearing a fancy dress