Sara Gilbert's New West Hollywood Digs

  • Sara Gilbert's New West Hollywood Digs
Sara Gilbert recently purchased a contemporary home located in West Hollywood, Calif. The new digs include four bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms, a pool and more than 3,000 square feet.
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  • Cassidy

    Not really impressed. Every room seems too white!! Not liking the style or anything. BORING! Seems like the celebs are paying more for the view than anything else. I wasn't impressed with Kristen Stewart's new digs either. Hers had too much wood, felt a little too rustic for my taste. God, you think for the millions they spend on their property, it would look decent. I'll stick to HGTV.

  • Toadstool2

    Oh, BoSheryl? I think the pictures of the furniture in the home is from the sales brochure and not Sara's private furniture. She doesn't seem like a "stark" kind of person to me! I bet they are going to redo it, yard and all! Warm it up, make it homey.

  • Toadstool2

    3.8 Million? I don't see it. It looks like a 60's SFV house! They're going for around $400,000. Of course the view alone is probably worth a couple million! I love you Sara, so glad to see you on TV again. Best of luck.

  • BoSheryl

    Hope her personality is less stark than her new home!

  • jessie maltese
    jessie maltese

    why havent we heard anything about johnny lewis seems like no one cares , i do any up dates on the story?