NBC Universal 2012 Summer TCA Tour

  • NBC Universal 2012 Summer TCA Tour
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 24: Actor Dean Cain attends NBC Universal's 2012 Summer TCA Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 24, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
NBC Universal 2012 Summer TCA Tour - Day 1
Source: Getty Images
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  • Matthew

    Justin is amazingly innsae and funny,crazy,imagiacnative, witty and talented,What I like about him most is his creativity wit the way he knocks the pedestals of celebrities right out from under their feet! They bleed they cough, they sneeze, they make mistakes.. I have actually talk to Justin on the phone once and hes the sweetest guy there is. so Dont Judge him, anyway girls if you want Justin's number I posted it in my channel

  • Chris

    congrats on a good race November 7 is so close! I totally agree with you that stipopng for a few seconds at the water/gu stations is worth it sometimes and you don't lose that much time. I've got one last 20 miler this weekend too ahhhh!Stunning photos love them!