'Scream' Stars Before They Were Famous

  • 'Scream' Stars Before They Were Famous
Jenny McCarthy, Senior Year 1990. Mother McCauley Liberal Arts High School, Chicago, IL
Source: Getty Images/Seth Poppel Yearbook Library
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  • erin

    hey caption editor - it is spelled McAuley. They got it wrong in playboy too!

  • yeah.

    It was mousse that kept that 'do in place. :-

  • Kat

    Indeed! I do look back at those days with some fondness tho ;) I still break out my 80's gear every now and then on Halloween..or at some great 80's party. LOVE IT!

  • Kat

    'twas a talent :D

  • Kat

    Marianne, are you talking about Jenny? Lets' see your pics when you were 16 and one today. Some people just age well. I know I have. I think I look younger now then I did back then! Also 13year old grl srfing the net : don't diss the hair. I had that hair in the 80's. I'm sure most of us did..but you are too young to know that ;)

  • Teen in the 80's
    Teen in the 80's

    I'm surpized that girls (women) even smoked in the 80's for fear that their hair would not suddenly brust into flames with all the hairspray used to keep all their hair in place.

  • tatts09

    it's was an era called THE 80'S...where big hair and shoulder pads were the "in" thing...you were not born yet sweetie..you have no idea what we women went through at that time to look hot....the shoulder pads almost killed us and the amount of hair sparay we used could have given us nose cancer..

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    she had a good face, but that hair! seriously, i cannot believe that would be in style at all. it looks like she washed her hair and dried it in the towel.

  • Marianne

    Oh Plastic Surgery alert. She looks nothing like she used to.