10 Things You Didn't Know About Selena Gomez

  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Selena Gomez
Selena, seen here at the 'High School Musical 2' premiere, turned down a role in 'High School Musical 3' because she felt it would be a good opportunity for somebody else, and she wanted to pursue more serious roles.
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  • serna

    selena gomez i really dont like her i really wanted to be his but my chance over shout out to jb

  • ohmygod

    wow your very smart

  • ohmygod

    okay im a hater but you are just an idiot. she didnt want to prance around singing? but shell prance around with a 10 year old girl, yeah thats serious. your an asshole.

  • mila

    oh these haters!bashing on selena..for sure these are slutty cyrus' fans..just go spread ur legs and shut ur sl*tty mouth.and just focus on ur wh*re idol who looks like a man and sounds like one!

  • Chantal

    The first commenters, Anonymous spelled wrong, Hater confirming they are actually a hater, and dafish11 which eventually also confirms that it's an 11 year old thinking she says the truth when mostly newly tweens are practically only good at lieing. Selena wanted be set in more serious roles, not as a musical teen princing around singing of their happily living moments in dear old 2 story builded high schools. At LEAST her early work is set upon sarcastic yet spunky roles and settings. I am glad she is setting her self mature enough and focusing smartly on blossoming into a serious actor. Bravo, SG.

  • dafish11

    monte carlo is just like the lizzie migure movie....its like disney is running out of ideas now! im not a hater or a lover- im just saying the truth... :)

  • hater

    yeah I know right. I doubt she was offered anything.

  • anonymus

    Serious like wizards of waverly place, monte carlo and another cinderella story? Oh, i get it. - Sarcasm