Selena Gomez Arrives to Studio With a Change Of Clothes

  • Selena Gomez Arrives to Studio With a Change Of Clothes
Selena Gomez arrives at a studio in Van Nuys, California with a change of clothes in her arms on July 18, 2011.
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  • livesinafairytale

    Everyone should stop starting wars everywhere. Sierra is so pathetic and is wasting her time going through photo albums just to hate on someone. Obviously Selena is NOT ugly. You would have to be blind and stupid to think such a ridiculous thing. So why try to argue? It's not even an argument! Selena's beautiful, everyone in the right mind knows that. Which is why you shouldn't bother with people like that.

  • bribri31099

    Okay, seriosly? I never once said that I don't like Selena, I actually think she's pretty awesome, but can I say I do like her, well I don't know here so I don't have any room to speak. I just don't like how idiotic people are being when they waste they're own time when they're telling other people that they don't have a right to do they're own thing, if you like Selena Gomez so much, than be more like her and don't let it bother you. By the way, this is the internet, you can't see me moran! Same goes to you Anastasia.

  • breahlynn

    ok all these idiot piss me off if you don't like selena don't look at the pictures it is as easy that you are the biggest babies i have ever seen

  • bribri31099

    SelPlusJB, don't hate on someone because of they'rre opinion, you probably don't like all of the same things as Selena, but I bet that she's not as rediculous as you and would probably acept your differences... in other words, GROW UP!

  • SelPlusJB

    LOL you're the ugly loser. Honestly, you make me laugh at low lifes like you. If you don't like it, don't look at it Bitch.

  • Anastasia

    UGLY? hahaha, don't make me laugh sierra, you obviously have some blind eyes to say she is even a bit ugly. You need to sort out your issues girl, writing a word like that on the internet proves of your hate logical sickness towards people who haven't done a bit of harm to you.

  • sierra