Selena Gomez (pictured) Kate Cassidy

  • Selena Gomez (pictured)  Kate Cassidy
Selena Gomez (pictured), Kate Cassidy and Leighton Messter on set of Monte Carlo in Nice, France. 6/25/10.
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  • gosairi

    very beautiful!!!

  • Mayra Elizabeth Tamayo Arias
    Mayra Elizabeth Tamayo Arias

    you're just mad because you'll never look like her.Shes beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mileylover143

    not trying to be offensive or anything but i don't think she's in good shape physically.. she might look good but she's NEVER seen exercising and she was rushed to hospital due to malnutrition...hmmmmm.......

  • Oh_My_Cyrus98

    I must admit she looks amazing. BUT MILEY IS HOT. Deal with it ;)

  • Mama

    It's because they are racist, they see no beauty in white-skinned people.

  • Mama

    She's white and she's proud.

  • Nicole

    she not have body. Selena is not talented but the unique talent is she speeks spanish and she can acting.And the most beautiful body of the ttens of nickelodeon and disney is Victoria Justice she is the most sexy,pretty,cute and beautiful girl on the world I love viky J.

  • dewd

    I would do ungodly things to this girl. I'd even suck a fart outta her butt if she asked me to.

  • Emmett North Jr
    Emmett North Jr

    Selena is hot!,hot!,hot! along with her talent as a singer,she's a young sex symbol already,simply gorgeous,Emmett North Jr.

  • Mélanie Brideau
    Mélanie Brideau

    she is just like a little angel... so sweet

  • QT

    Seriously, whoever said she has a terrible shape... Would you prefer this angelic face to be matched with a body like Coco's (I'm just assuming that's what you like...) Selena's got the body of an angel, not the body of a plastic bimbo

  • serina

    wat a baeuty u are really beatiful

  • huri

    i agree she looks like an angel

  • Najwa Ajwad
  • Izura

    Wow. I think she is in great shape. She does not look funny either! You're just a jerk to say that. (I do not mean any homo by what i'm saying either) She is fine. What shape are you in? Either so skinny to see your bones or too fat to even notice that you have bones? Yeah maybe.

  • igotbieberfever

    justin bieber is a lucky guy

  • YouGuysAreImmature

    You guys CLEARLY have NO RESPECT. Who cares if a person is tanned or not? You people are probably jealous she has better curves than you. Every girl is pretty in their own way. Immature.

  • ForGODSsakeWHYamIevenONhere? Have I no Life?
    ForGODSsakeWHYamIevenONhere? Have I no Life?

    by the way...if your moms 70, you must have NO life to be on here judging an 18 year olds body. GET ONE.

  • ForGODSsakeWHYamIevenONhere? Have I no Life?
    ForGODSsakeWHYamIevenONhere? Have I no Life?

    wooow you guys....haha jealous much?..shes very pretty..probably a lot better than yours ;)

  • MJB

    i agree with kek. TERRIBLE body. no shape, no tan, no development. shes has the body of my best friend when we were in 7th grade{ she looked terrible in 7th grade} plus, her bikini isnt flattering, and dosent match MOM looks way hotter than her, and shes almost 70!

  • PiratesMoon

    What a knockout. Where has she been?

  • Diana

    she's not in her best shape........her body is not tanned at all

  • Kek

    Actually, she has an absolutely TERRIBLE shape! Wow, she is super funny made. She might be in good condition physically but her shape is horrible. Wow.

  • Sky

    I would LOVE to look like this..

  • AshleyMaken

    No is much better that miley , Miley is much better! :)

  • tami

    way better than miley's

  • alia

    [quote=Christopher Calloway]I would f*ck Selena Gomez into next year drop dead perve

  • Christopher Calloway
    Christopher Calloway

    I would f*ck Selena Gomez into next year

  • numberonegaga

    she is just too gorgeous. i would die for this hot bod! woo go selena!

  • lahe27

    she doesn't have just a nice bod...its gorgeous! how i would DIE for her stomach. shes sooo skinny. and she looks healthy!

  • mike

    I agree. Selena has a NICE body.

  • Michelle Tiffany Boca
    Michelle Tiffany Boca

    selena has a nice bod (no homo)