Selena Gomez Bikinis Poolside in Florida

  • Selena Gomez Bikinis Poolside in Florida
Selena Gomez was spotted relaxing at the pool at her luxury Orlando hotel on July 29, 2011.
Source: Splash News
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  • adam pruitt
    adam pruitt

    she has a big hairy pussy i want to lick it

  • eli

    Tell that to Salma Hayek!

  • Mathew Little
    Mathew Little

    That is where your very wrong. Mexican women look terrible after age 25 compared to white women, aside from Britney Spears

  • Kim

    LIES, my mother is mexican and she is still banging at 44. If she takes care of herself and balance, she will grow and age into a beautiful latina women. Thanks for your uncalled, untrue comment though, FYI all women don't age well.

  • lisa


  • joblo

    She's fine just the way she is.

  • aj

    enjoy it now, mexican women do not age well

  • BTDT

    That lucky, lucky Bieber.

  • Anastasia

    She has grew into a banging body, haha don't want to sound wrong since I am a woman but I always liked this girl and she seems to be cracking that disney image shell very well, doing with class and a lot of sass. She has a very healthy figure but I think she needs to go to the gym and get a little toned up but other than that she's a muy caliente jovencita. (;