Selena Gomez Bikinis Poolside in Florida

  • Selena Gomez Bikinis Poolside in Florida
Selena Gomez was spotted relaxing at the pool at her luxury Orlando hotel on July 29, 2011.
Source: Splash News
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  • Tianna

    Why is she showing her bare boobs?

  • mel86

    Relax people!!! she's a pretty teen loving life and enjoying it to the fullest !!!

  • David Colantuono
    David Colantuono

    I agree with Josh's comment... "how about she takes it all the way off ;)" But, I probably have a much different reason than he does (depending on how he meant that). Though Selena only sunbathed her back, nude sunbathing is very beneficial as the body can soak in the sun better when there's no fabric in the way. Take a look at this article for more information (if this site doesn't delete the link, that is).

  • josh

    how about she takes it all the way off ;)

  • Allan

    Time to turn around and catch some sun on your boobs :)

  • Norman

    Time to turn around and sunbath your breast Selena.

  • jack


  • Javeria Ali
    Javeria Ali

    is that her butyttt

  • PaulyD's Wiffie
    PaulyD's Wiffie

    Paps are creepy =O

  • Kim

    Haaaaa, I just laughed my ASS off. I'd rather lick off this sexy Latina then some Hilly billy buck tooth singer. I like mine classy & sexy, thank you very much.

  • Patty Sanchez
    Patty Sanchez

    She would be the perfect slut... TOO bad she's to much of a classy lady to be that and to offer herself like that when mostly men do that to her, she looks hot. NOW, suck it!

  • trucmuch

    this is my future wife

  • mandy

    She's a perfect SLUT

  • joblo

    Seeing pictures like this makes me glad just to be alive. If I saw her in person like this, I might not survive!

  • Ryan Montana
    Ryan Montana

    Now that is a nice butt... not the J-Lo and Kim K cellulite.


    That person called you a booty

  • Mwahaha

    *looks down at boobs* "Hello mary-kate, hello ashley!" (: I love selena (:

  • Victoria Bella
  • mrs.bieber

    ikr! she is just trying to get a tan so she dosnt want tan lines dur dur ..... papz LEAVE HER ALONE

  • davenport

    tag line or not, its delicious

  • mimi

    alot of girls sunbath!! there is nothing wrong with it!!!! quit hating on selena! just because shes famous doesnt mean she cant do stuff that normal girls do!!!!! btw if i were u i wouldnt be calling an inocent girl a slut because ur probably the slut!!!

  • HA

    actually she is on the disney channel just saying but ppl need to give her a break. shes just tanning.

  • HA

    umm i love selena but this is an awkward photo. why would they even post that on the internet. give the girl a break.

  • bigchriscolferfan12

    I love how her buttcrack's kinda hangin and her tag is sticking out as she puts her straps down so she doesn't get an awkward tan line...well, joke's on her because she's gonna have a tag line on her bony ass.... O.o

  • Asister Marrhiane Lambert
    Asister Marrhiane Lambert

    i agree she's just relaxing and enjoying outside while her concert coming up

  • Asister Marrhiane Lambert
    Asister Marrhiane Lambert

    i agree with u celebrities have a lot of things to to like concerts and somethings then after there concert they just enjoying and relaxing cause there concert make them stress

  • davenport

    if the rest of it looks like what she's showing, i'd eat supper off of that

  • cristy

    she's trying to be miley cyrus! but sorry to tell she cant.. miley cyrus is suppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hot, awesome wonderful girl! not like her..

  • melanee

    God why cant ppl just leave her alone. paparazzi get on my damn nervs like stay out of ppls business. get a life

  • danyy

    you're hanging out?

  • Jen

    Because it's trashy to go around calling other girls sluts. And nice comeback....josh.

  • josh

    how is ugh being trashy? can you at least get your insults right?

  • vmbella

    umm... herr booty i hanginn outt...

  • bloo

    she is 19 she is a woman now she isnt some kid on disney channel anymore she can do what she wants! Let her get naked if she wants shes over 18!

  • KoldShadow

    Wow, I never thought she was hot until now . . . of course she has her bikini in a most compromising position. I still don't find her face attractive but I would definitely have Justin kidnapped while I slammed that ass!

  • Sarah Richardson
    Sarah Richardson

    Leave Selena Alone. I love herr!! Stupid papz! She's just sunbathing!(:

  • danyy

    I didn't understand any of that.

  • Janette


  • aaa2ee2eeemeee3ee

    omg sh's bitch sooo ssoooo bitch and 4 bieber nice girlfriend really nice and kind one

  • Sandy

    Perverted Camera Men. If I were her mother, I would sue the camera guy who took these shots. I recommend that to every young star's mother. Love SG though!

  • Sg

    She's not a slut! she was just fixing her bikini top!!!!!!! she was just enjoying a day at the beach,she will never be a troubled young celeb or troubled star! selena rocks! ilove you selena g!!!!!!!

  • sm

    yes those men be wantin a sneak peek i hope selena did not give them one but i love selena and yea i seen alot of people do do tht at the beach and pool

  • sm

    yes those men be wantin a sneak peek i hope selena did not give them one but i love selena and yea i lot of people do do tht at the beach and pool

  • sm

    omg selena i love and all but please dont flash the people in the pool and the lady next to u and where justin u guys make a cute couple

  • Jen

    There's nothing slutty about sunbathing, you trashy jealous little prude.

  • PJ

    i see lots of ppl do tht @ the beach and isnt it creepy how the papparazzi are like snapping these pics and the pappz are mostly men :\

  • ugh

    oh yeah shes not a slut...

  • cynthia

    awww snap selena ily maaaaauuuuhhhh

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    lmao @ that first post .. smh ..

  • thefunnyone

    uhm isnt justin suppose to be around for her to be taking her top off ?? im confused

  • Noah

    Is she looking for the stamp that says "Property of Justin Bieber"?