Selena Gomez Bikinis With Justin Bieber in Mexico

  • Selena Gomez Bikinis With Justin Bieber in Mexico
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez take time out of their busy tour schedules to relax on a lounge chair by the pool while on holiday. The young lovebirds get flirty with one another as Selena reaches across Justin for her phone, and then strikes a pose as he takes her photograph.
Selena Gomez Bikinis With Justin Bieber in Mexico
Source: Bauer Griffin Online
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  • Kristy

    Trust me! They ain't hating! She just doesn't deserve or probably appreciates everything she's got!

  • Amy

    I agree! Even though this is her body type she can definetly improve her body! She needs to majorly tone some muscles here and there! Personal Trainer, Amy

  • Monica

    Everyone who is hating get a fucken life! Jealousy is an ugly thing to have!!

  • Kat La Cariñosa
    Kat La Cariñosa

    Girls that are sayinq stuff in spanish about selena ur just hatinq cuz u dont have bieber thats all!

  • alexe

    It's not like she's starving herself, this is her body shape. GOI, not everyone has to have an ass and boobs to be feminine. My mother has had the same body shape/type as selena, all her life. She had three children, eats the same amount as me and my sisters (actually more than me) and I just happen to hold more body fat (bigger boobs and butt)- my sisters too! We took after our dad, not our mum. MY MUM IS FEMALE and SO IS SELENA and so AM I and MY SISTERS. GO READ A BOOK!

  • alexe

    Yeah, it's a site in English... But, theres no rule that says "comment in English". You're so naive...

  • Al

    She needs to put on some weight. She's way too skinny. Flat ass. Flat boobs. No hips. No legs. Is she a woman?

  • kewgirl

    ^^^^^english people!!!! this is a english site!!!!!!^^^^^^^

  • Diana Jáuregui
    Diana Jáuregui

    Selena zorra, puta, perra, las jelenators están ciegas, no ven que la puta eso solo quiere que justin le vea sus siliconas y su trasero operado?? BITCH, I HATE JELENA FOREVER

  • Sonia Ivette Becerra Garcia
    Sonia Ivette Becerra Garcia

    te odiiioooo selena eres una estupiida prOnto se te va a caer el teatriiithOOOO

  • belieber

    awwww que bonitos! love them!<3

  • giane

    perra te odioooo selena bitch¡¡¡¡¡¡¡