Selena Gomez Bikinis With Justin Bieber in Mexico

  • Selena Gomez Bikinis With Justin Bieber in Mexico
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez take time out of their busy tour schedules to relax on a lounge chair by the pool while on holiday. The young lovebirds get flirty with one another as Selena reaches across Justin for her phone, and then strikes a pose as he takes her photograph.
Selena Gomez Bikinis With Justin Bieber in Mexico
Source: Bauer Griffin Online
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  • luisa

    fuk all of yu!!

  • Amy

    Wtf?! She ain't "SEXY"??? She just looks stupid trying to! Sexy is like Kim Kardashian and people like that! Personal Trainer, Amy

  • anonymous

    k seriously guys.. most people around the world start drinking when their 13 or younger... dude their almost legal age in the states and those in mexico if you don't want young people to drink change your drinking age law. dude GAL

  • steven bieber
    steven bieber

    what i don't like is if she really need something she could ask justin to pass it to her. instead of "leeeeeeeaning over him" because you know theres cameras "no they didn't" dude they follow them everywhere. but they do little moves like this just for the cameras so she leans over him. and justins just sitting there like "yess there taking the photos" if you just want stupid attention like this then run around naked. that with give you the highlights. "my bois are gonna be like, youra playa" she's all over you. I can totally see them saying that to him. he truly changed. by frankly he looks like a punk that need a reality check. just because he has a trophy girl he ask like he's such a god. i wouldn't change myself for the world. all he does now if "buy my record" "buy my merch" "by my record gift box set" "by my this by my that" dude youtube made you successful regardless if you were the one posting the video, without youtube you would have never gotten views, you would have to live like every one else. gah i seriously could rant and troll for hours. justin bieber disappoints me because i used to look up to him alot. im not getting mad over a stupid picture i kinda just said what i needed to say, and kinda sound like a dick. but what ever he's never gonna hear this in person or read it so i don't care. @stevenoneday follow:)

  • alexe

    the legal drinking age in mexico is 18, selena is 18, this is legal and she is doing nothing wrong if she did consume the alcoholic beverage. Just like me, I like in a country where the legal age is 18, I drink and that is okay because it is legal... whereas if I were to visit the US, I would not and that is completely fine by me.... because it would be illegal. Simple as that.

  • skates2000

    Have you ever thought that there were other people with them--who obviously were present as well there--and they were sharing the same table. Both of them were drinking smoothies when they went over to the beach.

  • suzie

    anyone else notice that there is a Pacifico beer on the table next to them. Way to set a good example for other underage kids in the US. Nice.

  • kamiluccha

    Duh stupid she is trying to reach for something if you don't see... However she is SEXY she doesn't need to try ...

  • AdultBeverages

    17 and drinking alcoholic beverages. What a stellar example for today's youth.

  • kim

    The bottle behing it's a beer! Im from Mexico and I know that type

  • audrinaa

    lets be real, she has no "ass" ..

  • chiefwillie

    He is checking something out but it sure isn't Selena's behind. Maybe he's looking to see if the skank that said he did her is lurking around. Maybe it's his Mom ... It sure isn't Selena.

  • Claudia

    @vbella. yeah she needs to get her ass up and walk around! lol

  • Claudia

    really? she's needs to stop. like wtf are you doing with him, could sooo much better.

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    Trying to reach for something .....

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    Actually hes looking in a whole other direction ha

  • Marissa Blaine
    Marissa Blaine

    hes def checking out her ass

  • asdf

    vc me enoja sua filha da puta vai se fude sua feia ridicula cara de balao VENK JUSTIN EU SO MTO MAIS GATA Q ESSA DESBUNDADA

  • unknown

    who know selenas email if u know her email then twieet it om or post it on facebook

  • Victoria Bella
    Victoria Bella

    wtf is she doing ? is she trying to be "sexy" ? lol