Selena Gomez Films 'Love You Like a Love Song' Video

  • Selena Gomez Films 'Love You Like a Love Song' Video
Selena Gomez films the video for her new song 'Love You Like a Love Song' in Malibu, California on May 19, 2011.
Source: Startraks Photo
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  • Ishita Roychaudhury
    Ishita Roychaudhury

    everthing looks extremely fake....

  • michelle

    so,,,,,,,,,,,,, it doesnt matter if it was the director vision or idea she has a say in everything she does one is forcing her to do nothing they told her that oh the horses are safe so she like o k lets do it.

  • michelle

    yeah shes turning 19 painting horses pink has NOTHING!!! to do with growing up hello .....she knows what she doin wrong and watch she say srry and be like im srry i didnt mean to blah blah

  • shalie

    poor girl! that make-up is hideous! the entire ensemble is a train wreck. She's a pretty girl, but this mess looks horrible.

  • Amber

    I think she's beautiful. Its a music video they are suppose to be kinda crazy. she's having fun. plus its not like it was her idea. that was the producer of the music video. I love her.

  • rainbowpanda

    oh here she really pretty

  • Arrr

    I think her eyes are too dark here, Still pwetty as hell though.

  • ashy4god

    cool dress but the makeup is wierd and pink horses, i feel sorry for them =(

  • Milly

    Ohhhh booo hoooo! She looks sexy and this style is perfect for her !!!

  • kkforever

    Nope dont like it! It looks like a kid did it. I like her more natural. being honest. love the dress!