Selena Gomez Films 'Love You Like a Love Song' Video

  • Selena Gomez Films 'Love You Like a Love Song' Video
Selena Gomez films the video for her new song 'Love You Like a Love Song' in Malibu, California on May 19, 2011.
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  • javi

    unisef work with people not animals they work to help the poor and underprivilege children arround the world

  • TJayde

    everyone knows it wasn't Selena who actually did the painting but she didn't stop it and she still approved of this happening to a horse. also horses look amazing white, why not give a white one a clean and have that? would have looked alot better and been alot safer.

  • TJayde

    do you like animals yet eat meat ? then whats the difference between eating it and wearing it? an animals still died. wearing it is just gross whereas eating it it yum..

  • sydsouth

    * Umm...I think we know that she Selina Gomez didn't actually literally paint the horses herself silly! * lolz xD

  • ann

    dude, you eat horses?

  • sin

    Its just a damned animal. So what if we color it pink? Better that we use it instead of eat it.

  • Lilamedusa Baudelia
    Lilamedusa Baudelia

    It's not a matter of wether the material was toxic or not. There are non-toxic substances that can hurt us regardless. What hurts a human being and what hurts a horse are not the same. Besides, there is no reason to subject an animal - that has not agreed to it - to unnecesasary pain just for the sake of it. Little Ms Selena could think of someone else besides her for a change.

  • fenty

    lady gaga said that she loved animal but still she wore meat. so fuck u

  • SomeGirl

    If I were famous I wouldn't paint horses pink or any color for that matter. #justsayin

  • James

    How the hell do you know that it is toxic? Were you the administrating the painting?

  • Arhena Rema
    Arhena Rema

    you idiots she didnt dye that hourse pink, the person who ever wanted to do the shoots did! i swear you lot are stupid fucking go get some brains into your dumb head!!

  • someone

    @ a.simpson your not the animal so how exactly how would you no if its hurting the animal?!

  • ME

    Is she famous?! Who knew!? I'm upset, because someone would do something this superficial to an animal. Treating it like it's an inanimate object or a thing for her to play with...with NO regard for this animal's feelings. That's why I'm upset. If she had painted a person pink, then it wouldn't be that big of a deal, because the Person would have been able to give his or her consent. The animal can't do that and therefore it should not have been done.

  • ME

    Exactly! How idiotic do you have to be to do something like this to an animal!! What the crap!? The horse is beautiful just the way it is! Why would you cover it in some substance for you crappy music video that no one cares about?!!? She's so dumb. All of these little American, Disney celebrities are just STUPID!

  • A.Simpson

    how do you know it doesn't hurt the animal...

  • wow...

    no one is picking on her. Maybe if she wasnt so extravagant and didnt need to paint horses for a music video no one would pick on her dope.

  • rahrah

    everyone's just picking at her because she's famous she hasn't actually done anything wrong so stop over exxagerating!

  • hannalooloo

    you guys need to calm down! it's not hurting the animals! it's amazing how no one goes crazy when it's something that a non teen star does..

  • anonymous

    hey guyz her spokesperson said that the horses were painted pink with vegetable dye with an airbrush and later washed with water so it's okay you know!

  • idaolivia

    she looks mean!!! and painting animals?? umm i tough she does something with unisef???

  • Jenna

    "I'm Selena Gomez and I'm an animal lover. Save the whales, peace in the world!" Yeah sure...You are just a fake Disney bitch.

  • cookies4tiff


  • rainbowpanda

    omg she looks evil mean wierd akward

  • Miranda

    Terrible they painted the horses pink. I'm disappointed in her. They don't even look CUTE pink! They would look prettier white.

  • kendra

    she says she loves all animals, but then dyes one purple LIKE WTF!!!!!!!!

  • Claudia

    STUNNING !!!!!!!!!

  • sydsouth

    * I understand this is a video but they could have made these horses pink with computer tricks. I am a animal LOVER and WTF?! * like Selina though...