Selena Gomez Leaves Justin Bieber's Grandparents' House

  • Selena Gomez Leaves Justin Bieber's Grandparents' House
Selena Gomez leaves Justin Bieber's house in Toronto to go back to her hotel on June 3, 2011 while wearing the same clothes as yesterday.
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  • smash

    Justin is sooooooooooo......... hot.selena is cute but uummmmm..... I LUV U JB.....

  • james

    yh why do you hate her theres nothing wrong with her just cos shes going out with your celebrity crush doesnt mean you should hate her. its fans like you who ruins celebritys relationships and lifes...

  • naden

    relax there you act like you no her yourself!wow seriously she or he can say whatever they feel like if i say i hate selena what are you going to do?please i dare you to say something!your not a body gaurd your just another fan that makes her money

  • livesinafairytale

    You don't even know Selena. And I know you use it loosely, but hate is a strong word. You say you "hate" her and you've never even met her. Your growing "hatred" is from reading magazines and seeing pictures and its just because she's dating Justin.That's no reason to hate anyone. I think you need to get over yourself and your obsessive love for Justin. Be happy that he's happy with Selena.

  • Cindy Rayshel
    Cindy Rayshel

    they are together all the time, it's like she doesn't have a career. like being by his side is her career. like their husband and wife.

  • DeAnna Pena
    DeAnna Pena

    i think so too. i love justin and selena. they are a very cute couples. i wish they can stay long together for their future. they look very cute. love u selena and justin. :-)

  • SelGo4EVER

    I dont know why people hate them, or more Selena. I think they are a cute couple.

  • untouchablegirl

    I think that they are a nice couple I just hope that they don't move too fast!

  • imanim

    nt a good couple i hate selena nd love justin