Selena Gomez Leaves Justin Bieber's Grandparents' House

  • Selena Gomez Leaves Justin Bieber's Grandparents' House
Selena Gomez leaves Justin Bieber's house in Toronto to go back to her hotel on June 3, 2011 while wearing the same clothes as yesterday.
Source: INFDaily
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  • Danny Kinsman
    Danny Kinsman

    lmao this is hilarious why the hell would anybody say that anyway, lol like she would stand a chance with justin any way like give me a break, hes a multi millionaire, and just gonnas put it out there guys dont like obssesive girls like that

  • naden

    wow do you have to be annoying everywhere? and yeah this girl sounds retarted but you dont have to comment on everylittle thing!! your not a bodygaurd like i said before your just another person to stand up for a celebrity that doestn no that you even exist and ps to the idiot that commented saying 'you no karate' it sounds like something spongebob would say and youll never get a chance so please get over yourself!and justin doesnt no you exsist so saying 'you mess with justin you mess with me' makes you look sooooo fuckin stupid!!

  • marjorie

    OMG guys there a cute couple and i think it is rediculous to fight over them... get over yourselves and let them be happy..... and salena and justin are perfect for each other they r both famous and they can both sing .. now im not saying i wouldnt like to be with justin but he is only sixteen and he has a ling life ahead of himself .... maybe salena is the one .... i hope they stay together.... i have always wanted to meet justin and i am thirteen but it would mean everything to me if i could meet him and salena ...i doupt that would ever happen cause i dont mean anything i am like a leaf on a tree falling to the ground.... now i am only thirteen and i am way mature then all u people that are jelous just let them be happy..... sincerely marjorie

  • livesinafairytale

    OMFG LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. THAT WAS SERIOUSLY THE MOST HILARIOUSLY IGNORANT THING I'VE PROBABLY EVER HEARD. " When you mess with Justin Bieber, you mess with me." Are you freaking joking..? First of all, she's not "messing" with anyone. And you need to get a hold of yourself and your freakish little obsession with Justin. He appears to be happily in love with Selena, and if you're actually his real fan then you would support him and his happiness. But no, since you're just a little stalker, you won't. PS: "You know karate" ? Well that's great for you but it won't do you any good since you'll never be within distance of Selena or Justin, ever in your life, most likely. Yeahhh, sorry to break it to you, hon.

  • Ramon

    I don't think she's going to back off after seeing a comment on a gossip site, dumbass. Saying you do karate isn't going to do much seeing as you would get arrested if you "karate chopped" her and plus, she has bodyguards. They've probably had sex a zillion times by now, just putting that thought in your head.

  • kristyn

    selena gomez u better back off because when you mess with justin bieber you mess with me and i can sing and dance way way better than u can and i take karate so back off sister