Selena Gomez With Her Puppy in Toronto

  • Selena Gomez With Her Puppy in Toronto
Selena Gomez and her pet dog Baylor board the tour bus on a rainy afternoon in Toronto while enroute to a performance in nearby Oshawa, Ontario.
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  • me 2
    me 2

    lol i would do the same thing as addy would do like i watch ur show all the time & sometimes i whant 2 meet u really bad but i cant but hoppfully when i go on my cruz i can c u on it selena & we could met on it but ive been dieing 2 meet u so hopefully we could meet some time

  • Addy

    Selena dear, you are my favorite. I tell enreyove how much I love you and they tell me I'm crazy because I'm 16 years old and I love a Disney star. You are more than a Disney star though. You are talented beyond belief, absolutely beautiful, so down to earth and real, and an inspiration to me along with many others. I know you're playing in Chicago at the All State Arena December 17, 2011 but the tickets are sold out. Please come back around Chicago next year. I'll make my boyfriend come with me even though he only listens to metal. I would be the happiest girl in the world if I got to see you live. Possibly a meet and greet too? I'd stand in line as long as I have to, just to meet you! Maybe we can duet sometime? (; Lol, you're amazing and my dreams would come true. <3

  • Sarah

    what type of dog is it

  • justin beaber
    justin beaber

    that is my dog and my girl freind i love all my fans my dogs name is baeler

  • bebe

    I am your biggist fan i love your show wizards of something i dont no how to spell but your the best good by

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    he is so ADORABLE < & they named him Baylor, even his name is cute LOL