Selena Gomez at a meet and

  • Selena Gomez at a meet and
Selena Gomez at a meet and greet for "Ramona and Beezus" on July 17, 2010.
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  • livesinafairytale

    Learn how to spell. You're ridiculous. "I FIN U HAVE NO GIRLFRIEND 4 HOW UGLY U R"? Honestly, if you're going to try to make an argument, make it logical and grammatically correct.. at least so we can understand what the hell you typed.

  • emily brown
    emily brown

    if u r sayin judgemental freak 2 selena u r 1 urself she is prettier dan u and i fin u have no girlfriend 4 how ugly u r

  • QI

    You judgemental freak.

  • kayla

    I'm sorry but she does not look like a 6 year old. Here she has less makeup and she looks so beautiful. This is one of her most beautiful looks in my opinions. I'm sick of people ragging on her. She's pretty. She looks her age. So why feel the need to say stupid comments?

  • bribri

    She looks like a 6 yr old.

  • Asena

    She's necklace is AMAZING!!!

  • Ellie

    [quote=georgia martin]EWWWW hate you um excuse me? SHUT UP!

  • georgia martin
    georgia martin

    EWWWW hate you

  • hardik

    amazingly pretty

  • Alex Miranda
    Alex Miranda

    hello am a filipino fan. . . you look so innocent.. .