Solaris (2002)

  • Solaris (2002)
Yes, we know this 2002 collaboration between Soderbergh and James Cameron fizzled at the box office. Yes, we know that, even at just over 90 minutes, it feels like almost three hours at times. But it succeeds at showing Soderbergh’s willingness to fail – to take risks. Solaris uses the science fiction genre to tell a truly heartfelt and polarizing story about memory, identity and how much of the former truly informs the latter. Clooney stars as Chris Kelvin, a psychologist dispatched to a desolate space station orbiting the titular planet – a sentient world that is most likely the source behind a series of hallucinations plaguing the space station’s crew. What Clooney finds there forces his own personal trauma to (literally) manifest itself in some very startling and surprisingly emotional ways. Soderbergh’s first sci-fi film is flawed, sure, but it’s not the train wreck certain reports made it out to be. If only more filmmakers had misfires this good.
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