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  • Sexiest Celebrity Twitpics
Ashley Tisdale posted this instagram pic on her twitter with the caption: “What a beautiful day."
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  • Tay

    Pull the wedgie out..

  • Saleeni Saleeni Love
    Saleeni Saleeni Love

    hi how ru i like ur pic

  • cloontang

    wth my comment didn't make the board? Great ass Miss Tisdale the reason ppl get so up tight about Miley is she is only what 19 Miss Tisdale is wait for it .. 27 yrs old Born July2 1985

  • Patrick

    like a micheals craft store for hfetaers, or like a beauty supply store. What are some beauty supply stores because Idk if I have anywhere where I live. hahah I feel stupid asking that but someone please respond! just name some beauty supply stores thnx a bunch

  • Kevin Herzog
    Kevin Herzog

    this is just wrong

  • Mary Jinkaway
    Mary Jinkaway

    Is that what they call a farmers tan Ashley?

  • courtneybaaaby

    and they say miley cyrus is bad, look at that bitch.

  • kaylee

    Is it just me or does her ass have huge tanlines?