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  • Sexiest Celebrity Twitpics
Kim Kardashian snaps a sexy pic before heading to the beach.
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  • tash.

    all you fuckers are jealous.....tell me you don't want fame, money, hott family, a body that most men would pounce on and a body then women would kill for. So please just shut the fuck up. She isn't fat. She is HEALTHY in my books, just cause hollywood hypes up "stick thin anorexic girls" as hott, doesn't always mean that's the case.

  • gmatt21

    That's not white lipstick that's something else... it;s probably on her stomach too...

  • Kenia Garcia
    Kenia Garcia

    She even has to wear a ton of make up for a day at the pool?? Wonder how the hell she looks without it!!!!

  • jbd59


  • Jello

    Her natural hair colour isn't blonde, you freak!! She's naturally dark. Khloe is the one who has naturally blonde hair because she's not really a Kardashian.

  • Steven Vargas Sanches
    Steven Vargas Sanches


  • Guest

    Why doesn't she go back to her natural hair color of blond? Her mother, the pimp, needs to learn when she has done enough damage to her kids. That woman is money crazy and she is starting on Jenner's kids. He needs to leave her greedy ass and take his girls with him before she has them f**cked up too!

  • Guest

    Why does she wear white lipstick lots of the time? If she didn't work out 3 hours a day, she'd be a fat pig. Money can't buy youth, happiness, or a slender body when your genes are saying "you are fat!" She is demanding her plastic surgeon make her into J Lo, but J. Lo still looks better than she does at 40 something! She's all greased up and ready to be fried fat back.

  • Delilah E Perez
    Delilah E Perez

    ughhh im tired of seeing her

  • Ashley Austin
    Ashley Austin

    love the shades