Sexiest Celebrity Twitpics

  • Sexiest Celebrity Twitpics
Kim Kardashian tweets a photo from a sexy photo shoot.
Source: Twitpic
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  • gmatt21

    I hardly recognized her without a black penis in her mouth!

  • Tattooed Angel
    Tattooed Angel

    She looks like a blow up doll in this pic!

  • Zomm at Boobs
    Zomm at Boobs

    This is were the zoom button comes in handy.

  • Robin Sanders
    Robin Sanders

    someone sounds angry lol

  • Goody gumdrops
    Goody gumdrops

    Amanda Cole please go back to grade three English and learn some spelling and grammar. Your lack of skills in the language arts' department is shocking.

  • Delilah E Perez
    Delilah E Perez

    fake boobs fake butt fake hair. FAKE BITCH

  • watta fluk
    watta fluk

    There`s a good reason for that.

  • Amanda Cole
    Amanda Cole

    Love this pic of you Kim your looking really thin .. She's at a photo shoot people, she dont look like a hooker.. When have you ever seen Kim put in the public eye in something like this just walking around come on now.. She looks really pretty and has made something of her self and know one should put her down cause i would say she is doing more things with her life then most are .. Dont let comments like this get you down Kim they are just haters and jealious..

  • Debi

    Looks like a hooker.

  • lover

    Hi Kim's boobs!